Our Approach

The M. Night Shyamalan Foundation aims to empower communities so that they have the opportunity to lift themselves out of poverty and combat social injustice. We start by investing in their leaders.

We firmly believe that impactful change is driven by community leaders who have the fortitude, the character, and the cultural expertise to empower their communities to reach toward a bold vision for the future. We simply follow their lead.

What sets our approach apart is that we build partnerships with our leaders that go far beyond typical funder/grantee interactions.

The support we provide our leaders comes in a variety of forms, including,
but not limited to:

01 Unrestricted funding

02 Opportunities to convene and share best practices

03 Increased exposure and access to our wide network

04 Guidance on strategy and planning

05 Fundraising opportunities

06 Advocacy

Our partnerships typically last several years,

during which time we hope to help set our leaders up for long-term success and increase the scope of their impact. And, while we cannot provide funding in perpetuity, we consider our leaders to be members of our family for life. We will remain their champions until their vision is realized..